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The Case For Online Voting - August 16, 2020

"How much time is required to set up online voting?"

Typically, this company's window is 30 days to set up online voting. "Given the current climate, and pending quick decisions made by clients, CUES can fast track election setup for most credit unions."

The Case For Online Voting

Humankind has come a long way in 200,000 years. To the brink of ecoplanetary collapse, among other issues hanging in the balance. All manner of art, architecture, literature, science, and technology has come into being, and advanced in myriad dimensions. We can fly. To the moon, and beyond. Telecommunications, meteorological, and surveillance satellites orbit the earth, enabling global-scale news, information searches, virtual videoconferencing, goods and services transactions, among a vast array of smartphone apps at our fingertips around the world. Online banking, stock exchanges, consumer shopping, among other virtual activities are conducted swiftly and securely.

The time has come for online voting. In short, the obstacles and impediments to voting any other way are propagating at warp speed, fast becoming insurmountable. So that today, we are staring down the barrel, at the prospect of the most important election of our time being thrown into irretrievable chaos and confusion. How the next president will be determined will NOT be in accordance with the democratic process or the constitution, if online voting is not implemented.

Fortunately, nothing could be simpler in concept and design to set up, and for voters to use. Similar to online banking, access to email, purchasing, and similar secure transactions and portals. Moreover, the results can be live online, in real time.

Election day is now less than three months away, which given the circumstances should be sufficient time to make this urgently essential mission a reality. This does not preclude post offices, libraries, other public venues, from providing online access and individual assistance to voters who wish to cast their vote in this manner, at anytime, up to the day of the election. Prior to election day, in addition to real time viewing of the election results online, as they come in, voters may not only cast, but also change their vote, as often as they wish, until election day.

To make this happen well in advance of election day, November 3, 2020, will take a concerted effort. This begins with the news media getting the word out. Then, everyone who likes the idea should share, and make their viewpoints and wishes known, via news and social media, as well as to your senators and representatives. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley, IT Developers, among others in diverse fields of expertise are invited to confer, weigh in with their insights, step up, and begin the design and implementation process. Once a number of prototypes are ready for review, they can be evaluated. Possibly a hybrid incorporating the optimum features of all of them can be brought together, in an expedited timeframe, and debuted online, for the American voters to take for a test drive.

Of course, massive opposition in the form of strategic partisan obfuscation and obstructionism is foreseeable. This can be clearly seen for what it is, attempts to hijack the democratic process.

Let us rise to meet this challenge. In view of all that is at stake, the will of the people to forge a brighter future, with liberty and justice for all, is on the line!

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