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To Increase Solar Power by a Factor of 10x 

Every Year Until Missouri is

100% Carbon Free


To Communicate 

To Educate

To Advocate

To Celebrate



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Show Me Solar Reports 


Founded in 2007, Show Me Solar is a grassroots, non-profit public benefit organization incorporated in the state of Missouri. We are board operated and member supported. Our mission is to educate the general public about the benefits of solar living and to advocate for the increased use of solar energy in the United States. 


Learn more about solar energy throughout the year.  Check our Events page and Calendar for details.  From informational presentations and question and answer sessions with industry experts to hands on workshops Show Me Solar brings the latest in solar living to you.


We need your support to continue our mission and reach our goal.  Donations of any type is appreciated from helping to fund our operational resources to supporting our programs.  Consider donating your time as a volunteer - we need everyone working together to reach our goals.

Get Involved

Consider joining us at an organizational meeting or volunteering to help at an event. From Earth Day festivals to meeting with our representatives at the Capitol in Jefferson City there are many opportunities to get involved in helping Show Me Solar to meet its goals.  Click below for more details on getting involved.

10 Years of Service

In 2017 Show Me Solar celebrates

ten years of service to Missouri.

2017 Fundraising

Show Me Solar has set a fundraising goal for the 2017 Budget of $1,000.

As of 2-1-17 we have reached 60% of that goal - the new website is a result - thank you for your donations!

Community Solar

Solar Tour Events

Solar Tour events are a great way to learn about solar - how it works, what it costs to own and maintain and to hear from homeowner's experiences in going solar.  For over a decade Show Me Solar has organized and hosted Solar Tour events across Missouri.

Show Me Solar proposes the need

for a true community solar program.

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