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Board of Directors


Mollie works as an energy and environmental scientist to help develop a renewable energy plan for Missouri.  Previously she worked at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for eighteen years on environmental issues involving power generation, transportation, industry, agriculture, and commercial operations.  While at DNR she assisted the World Resources Institute (WRI) with the development of the Midwest Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory.  After studying the toxic and greenhouse gas emissions of the top polluters in the state, coal burning power plants, she became a consultant for Missouri Solar Applications, working to help launch the solar industry in Missouri.  Previously she was a researcher at Washington University Medical School, and petroleum chemist at the U.S. Customs Laboratory in Los Angeles.  In 2014 she ran for state senate as the Democratic candidate in Jefferson City and the seven counties of Senate District Six.

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Open Seats

The Board of Directors is actively seeking members of the local committee who share our vision for meeting our organizational goals.  If you fit this description or believe you know of someone who can contribute please contact us today.

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