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Discover The GREATEST STATION In The Nation - KOPN!

It is astonishing living in Jefferson City, to discover how many of my friends living in Columbia don't know about their 89.5 FM KOPN radio station, or listen live online at throughout the day. If you already listen to an outstanding radio station, you feel well informed about what's going on in the world. Try listening to KOPN and you will be transformed!

The difference between KOPN Community Radio, and the many other fine stations, is like the difference between home made and store bought cookies. Homegrown tomatoes! Free range organic, grass fed, hormone, antibiotic and cruelty free, lovingly raised animals & produce, and highly processed mass produced industrial agriculture.

KOPN shares the most incredible spectrum of diverse and in depth news, views, and music in the world. Show hosts and guests feature towering intellects who are recognized around the world - but whose views are studiously ignored and marginalized in the US news media - which does not bode well for the planet. Without the vision of these people our civilization is headed over the brink. From Democracy Now, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Pacifica: W.I.N.G.S., Chautauqua, Time of Useful Consciousness, Food Sleuth, Lokal Vocals, Momma Rap, Skeptical Eye, Evening Edition, Your Health Matters, Alternative Radio, Sex, Drugs, & Civil Liberties - aired only on KOPN in Columbia, Missouri!

Treat yourself by tuning in, around the clock to Radio Ranger, Holy Victrola, World Woman, Reggae Party, Arab Voices Arab Culture, Broken Clock, Motherland Jam, Jewish Spectrum, Farm & Fiddle, El Festival Del Pollo, Blues On Broadway, Morning Ayre, Strike the Gay Harp, Jazz + Blues = Soul, the Real Country Show, to mention only some of the kaleidoscopic array of shows featuring our amazing musical legacy of all time, each in their own sphere..

At the KOPN meeting in July, it was exciting to meet Tao Wellundemo who is taking over the helm from the magnificent David Owens. All the news and discussion was provocative and thought-provoking about its impending move, increasingly dire financial straits, and cutting edge program to digitize its entire library of the music of the world.

The sky's the limit. Sharing KOPN with a friend is like sharing a home made cookie baked with magic mushrooms & sprinkled with kaleidoscopic holograms, without the side effects, so we can share with people throughout the day. The message to go with is simple, "Live online at - 89.5 FM KOPN" Once you tune in, KOPN speaks for itself.

We have reached a crossroads where people are ready to hear & make real change to improve their quality of life while saving the planet and leaving future generations a beautiful livable world. That is the vision & roadmap KOPN provides in so much of its daily programming, along with all the music of the world. So much to share. So much left to save!

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