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Veteran Leads A Solar Energy Revolution

Iraqi War Veteran Specialist Jeffrey Owens founds Show Me Solar

After two tours of duty in Iraq fighting what many have called a war for oil, Jeffrey Owens moved on to help launch the renewable revolution. His enemies are America’s dangerous reliance on foreign oil and the devastation the liberal use of fossil fuels has wrought on the global environment.

While serving in Iraq, Owens bore witness to murders, suicide missions and other horrifying acts of brutality surrounding efforts to 1) thwart troop advances, 2) inhibit activities to purge communities of insurgents and 3) lay claim to the oil wells in Iraq, which, of course, provide critical conduits of power to civilians and military personnel throughout the country. In many respects, the oil wells of Iraq are the coveted trophies of both insurgents and those defending the interests of Iraq.

Back in Missouri, Owens has embarked upon a campaign to educate folks from the “Show Me” state how the development of markets for photovoltaic technologies can afford people here and abroad important solutions to escalating utility bills, falling home values, alarming unemployment, environmental concerns that come with the burning of fossil fuels and America’s dangerous dependence on foreign sources of oil. America currently uses 25% of the world’s oil supply.

The first leg in his educational tour of duty was collaborating with colleagues at the Columbia Climate Change Coalition to participate in the 13th Annual National Solar Tour. Sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), it’s the largest grassroots solar event in the history of the United States.

In 2008, Jeff led the Columbia region’s grassroots campaign to collect voter signatures to place the Renewable Energy Standards on the ballot as Proposition C, which passed with an overwhelming two-thirds of the vote.

As founder and first Executive Director of Show Me Solar, Owens’ mission is to educate those who have not had his experience overseas on the critical nature of United States energy independence.


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